Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance to Children in Public Kindergartens and I–III Classes of Primary School in the Light of Polish Legal Regulations

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New legal regulations in Poland provide for the need of earlier diagnosis and intervention. The regulations refer to two different diagnoses, i.e. a teachers’ diagnosis and that of the specialist (clinical). The teachers’ diagnosis (of the kindergarten and school) results from the process of recognizing and assessing a child’s problems. While the specialist (clinical) diagnosis is carried out at the psychological and pedagogical clinic. Both forms complement each other. A preliminary assessment of the lack of readiness to attend school and the risk of specific learning difficulties should be made as early as at the preschool stage within the teachers’ diagnosis. The discussed directive (RMEN-PPP) imposes an obligation on the kindergarten and the school and makes the institutions responsible for recognizing children’s difficulties and providing them with assistance. However, if the assistance is to be effective, the mentioned centres should cooperate with parents and specialists from the clinic.