Ewa Jagiełło

A pedagogue whose specialization is preschool and elementary school education in mathematics, the author of more than 65 publications published in Poland and abroad (Spain, France, Switzerland, Cyprus, the Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Canada), including 5 books – edited. A member of the following scientivc organizations: Society for Developing Educational Initiatives TRIO (Towarzystwo Rozwijania Inicjatyw Oświatowych TRIO), Unit for the Theory of Education at the Committee on Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Zespół Teorii Wychowania przy Komitecie Nauk Pedagogicznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk), Polish Committee of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education OMEP (Polski Komitet Światowej Organizacji Wychowania Przedszkolnego OMEP), Baltic & Blac Sea Circle Consortium (BBCC) in Latvia. An organizer and co-organizer of 5 national conferences.

Published articles: