Elżbieta Jaszczyszyn

Elżbieta Jaszczyszyn – a PhD in the field of pedagogy. She works at the University of Białystok, at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, at the Department of Preschool and Early Primary School Pedagogy. Her research interests include the widely understood quality of preschool education, particularly the idea of special concern and support for a child’s activity of a practical as well as mental character (speaking, listening, reading and writing, but also the ability of co-existing with people, fantasizing, taking decisions or humanitarianism). She is an author and coauthor of many publications about preschool education. She is a member of the editorial team of the teachers’ journal “Wychowanie w przedszkolu” and a member of the programme team of the Polish Committee of the World Organization of Preschool Education (Organisation Mondiale pour L’Education Prescolaire).

Published articles: