The mission

Journal of Preschool and Elementary School Education is the first international academic periodical devoted to the issues concerning preschool and elementary school education.

It is directed at the wide circle of specialists dealing with all the aspects of preschool and elementary school education.

The range of topics is determined by the title which successfully addresses the academic needs of professional circles dealing with small children’s education and at the same time emphasizes the need for integration and dialogue above divisions among representatives of various specialities.

The title of the journal encourages a broader perspective on children’s education, searching for a common language and interdisciplinary cooperation. It highlights the openness and incentive to submit high quality academic papers. We would like to create a forum for presenting the achievements and dilemmas connected with the range of topics defined in the title of the journal.

The mission of the journal will consist in providing the reader with comprehensive and current knowledge of various subjects connected with preschool and elementary school  children’s education, active participating in developing preschool and elementary school pedagogy as well as disseminating the achievements and experiences of both domestic and foreign specialists within this scope.

The mission will also embrace aspirations to acquire the status as an opinion-forming journal and explicit authority at home and abroad. The reader can thus expect high credibility and reliability in delivering information as well as participation in the process of improving education at preschool and elementary school levels. We will aspire to popularize and support international cooperation, with the aim to use the achievements of other countries in order to increase the effectiveness of the initiatives and search undertaken.

An important area of our mission will comprise supporting the scientific development of young academics. It will consist in the opening of the journal to the doctoral students from Polish and foreign universities as well as to the research workers preparing their habilitation theses. In the semi-annual, we will systematically publish the reports on the research studies and implementing their results in Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and the Slovak Republic.

Journal of Preschool and Elementary School Education will be an important and extremely useful teaching material not only for the research workers, but also for the students and teachers in kindergartens and grades I-III of primary school at home and abroad.

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