Drama and the Kolb Cycle: a Solution for the Inclusiveness of Children with Special Educational Needs in the Preschool and Elementary School Education Spectrum. Research Report

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The article deals with the application of drama, a solution for inclusiveness in teaching children with special educational needs in the preschool and elementary school education spectrum, with the use of the Kolb cycle in the construction of classes. It presents the main principles of a training which was provided to a group of 78 students of pre-school and early school education, including forty-two professionally active teachers. Subsequently, in order to diagnose the application in practice of the acquired skills, a questionnaire of the author’s own design was used in a survey con- ducted one month and one year after the training. The results revealed that, according to the assumptions, professionally active teachers generally use drama in pre-schools and at school; what is more, the Kolb cycle is used creatively in combination with other educational and preventive techniques.