Economy as a Crucial Component of Elementary Education Curriculum

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Business, economy and finance are very popular subject-matters in the contemporary world. This is why it is important to introduce them, step by step, from an early age. “Pocket money”, as well as allowing a child to be involved in the family’s financial affairs, seems to be necessary for preparing children to develop their management skills which will be useful in their future, adult life. A child ought to know the value of money and possess some ability to apply it. Children gain such rudimentary knowledge on the basis of interaction with the social environment and everyday experience, through participating in economic exchange purchase-sale, witnessing the withdrawal of money from a cash machine by relatives, using the post office, etc. However, it is a teacher’s duty to help children increase and systematize this knowledge in a process of early childhood education. The skills gained by children during the schooling will help them in the future. They will become responsible participants in economic life, making both rational choices and decisions which will affect positively their chance to gain success in personal and professional life.